Withlacoochie Trip

This has been a crazy time, the last 7 days. I flew out to Buffalo, NY on Wednesday to say goodbye to my Aunt who was dying of cancer. She had been declining so fast. She was just diagnosed a week and a half ago, and already they were saying that they doubted she would make the week. When I walked into her door, she had passed away just 5 minutes before. I was so sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye, but I did get to hold her hand and kiss her forehead and tell her that I loved her and would miss her. She’s on to a better place.
I flew back to Florida on Thursday and got home at almost midnight. Friday I didn’t go to work and instead started a 6 hour drive to Inverness Florida. My sister lives in GA and was meeting me there for a weekend of riding the Withlacoochie trail (part of the rails to trails program). We had a great time. We had a hotel in Crystal Springs which was really nice. We explored the area, at wonderfully, and drank wine. We cycled a total of 96 miles between Saturday and Sunday and it was just really nice to actually spend some time with her.

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