On the road again…

So it’s been away (again). Geez, I’m really not very good at this blogging thing. I try. Ha. Lots of exciting stuff going on here. Spent a romantic weekend in St. Augustine with my beautiful girlfriend to celebrate both our birthdays. We had a wonderful time together. We had this really nice room at a Bed and Breakfast that had a jacuzzi and an incredible shower…tho it was haunted! I’m telling you the toilet would gurgle at the most in opportune times!

We did a horse carriage ride around historic St. Augustine and heard all about the history of St. Augustine which I highly recommend doing if you go. It was also funny because before my girlfriend booked a room at the B&B, she checked with them to make sure they were okay with a female couple staying there. She didn’t want it to turn into some uncomfortable situation. They were completely fine with it, and they were also the ones that booked the carriage ride for us. I swear when that buggy pulled up it was being driven by the ONLY LESBIAN on the force! LOL! Do you think they did that intentionally?

We were originally going to ride the bikes the B&B provides around town, but when I saw the bikes, they were pretty old and rusty – kinda like the one in the picture here!

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