Android Software Architect, Programmer/Developer, Manager, Mentor, Artist, Planner, Solutions Engineer, Entrepreneur and a perpetual Student of Life and Technology.

I am passionate about technology and the solutions it can bring, as well as sensitive to the complexity it can create. Building elegant, flexible solutions that are easy to scale as well as learn and support is at the core of everything I create. I’m always on the hunt for a new challenge and truly enjoy becoming a member of any team I work with.

My experience spans many areas of the IT Industry. I’ve worked in hardware, software, systems, networking and telecommunications. I have worked with IVRs and Speech Reco as well as small PBX’s. I have done punch downs and wire-wraps and run cabling. I’ve deployed 8 datacenters, 3 of which were in the cloud. I’ve done extensive product design and software development where I’ve had great success in designing and writing software to provide a solution or a service. Then over to Management where my management experience includes running a Support Department, IT Operations and over to Development and QA, then finally landing as the CTO of a SaaS company where I had the unique opportunity of building out QA, Systems and Development departments to turn a startup of very few employees into a fully-fledged IT structure that more than quadrupled in size during my tenure.

Over the last five years I have been dedicating my obsessive brain-power on the mobile side of things. I’ve been designing and building Android apps almost exclusively, but have also dabbled in C# and Windows UWP for Windows Mobile.

I joined the Automattic family in late 2017 as an Android Engineer (aka Code Wrangler) and began a full dive into Kotlin and now code in Kotlin almost exclusively.