Branches of Niagara RV Resort, Grand Island, NY

The Drive

We stayed one night in Ohio during our drive from St. Charles, MO, to Grand Island, NY…and look who happened to be in the area! It’s so nice to meet up with friends unexpectedly. Kit was visiting some family in the area and stopped by early in the morning to see our rig and say hi before we took off to finish our drive. She even brought us coffee!!


The Park

Branches is a beautiful campground. Every morning we walked the trail that looped around the outer edges.

The Family

We spent some most of our time with my Mom and Grandma. Grams is getting up there in age so it was so nice to spend a little time and just be present with her. There was also a rather large bar-b-que at my Uncle Dale’s house where we celebrated my late grandfathers life and said our final goodbyes.

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