Coffee Walk: 787 Coffee (NYC – East Village)

I woke up this morning a little later than usual so when I opened my eyes I was greeted by a warm and gentle sunrise. I laid in bed just taking it in for a few minutes before snapping this photo:

My goal for today’s walk was to try a different direction and maybe see some water. I looked at Google Maps and saw that if I walked East I could make my way to the coast so I chose a coffee shop in that direction. It has really gotten cold in NYC! I left for my walk a bit after 7 am and it was 28℉ but it felt so much colder. The air was crisp with a slight breeze that sunk right into my bones whenever it hit my face. Today’s destination was 787 Coffee which serves “the freshest coffee in NYC” and per their website they plant and grow their own beans in a sustainable fashion.

I wasn’t as thrilled about this walk as days prior, but I did find some really interesting sites along the way. There was this garden with really creepy statues that I snapped a photo of, an alien-looking statue, and some interesting graffiti, but the highlight of the walk was the coffee shop itself. The exterior wasn’t anything spectacular, but the interior was unique and fun. They had swings!

After grabbing a cup of coffee I continued East towards the water and was stopped by a GIANT highway (the FDR). The area I was a bit sketchy feeling and with all the traffic there wasn’t really anything to look at so at this point I turned around.

Coffeehouse787 Coffee
Drink: Americano
Rating: ★★★★✩
Total Distance: 2.67 miles
Total Time: 01:24

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