Coffee Walk: East Pole Coffee & Wine Bar

Scarlett joined me on today’s training walk since I waited until later in the day to avoid all the rain. The weather was cloudy, but still relatively warm at around 60℉. Since we started during our feasting window I already had a full belly and it made me feel sluggish at the start. This was an incredibly hilly walk that took us from our house in Druid Hills, through the Linwood neighborhood, then up through the Virginia-Highlands and back.

We stopped at East Pole Coffee & Wine Bar along the way and since it was during my feasting window I ordered a Breve Latte today! It was AMAZING!

The walk through Virginia Highlands was busy, but we passed some fun murals along the way:

Walking along one of the side streets we passed this beautiful house that did not look like it belonged in Atlanta at all. The uni-brow bushes out front were also really interesting treat 🀩

This was such a hilly walk. My legs felt like jello at certain points. This picture was taken right at the top of a very long walk uphill. The Atlanta skyline in the background made it all worth it!

Coffeehouse: East Pole
Drink: Breve Latte, Small, $4.25
Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
Total Distance: 4.12 miles
Total Time: 1:45

Yup, super hilly!

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