Coffee Walk: ParkGrounds (Reynoldstown)

Today I walked from WeWork, south on the Beltline, through the Cabbagetown neighborhood and past the The Krog District to ParkGrounds in the Reynoldstown neighborhood. This was an awesome walk because it contained lots and lots of GRAFFITI! I find most graffiti to be fascinating and beautiful, especially in Atlanta. There are massive murals and community graffiti projects all over the Krog Street area:

There’s also lots of graffiti on the Beltline:

This was the first time I walked along the official “Krog District”:

I finally arrived at my destination: ParkGrounds. This was such a groovy little neighborhood coffeehouse! They serve coffee and brews, and they have a really nice roped in patio where you can bring your dog (on leash only) to hang with you while you sip on something yummy. The barista was so super sweet and I told her all about how I was doing these walks in preparation for walking the Camino. One of the patrons overheard me and told me about a Facebook group I was not aware of called the Atlanta Chapter – American Pilgrims on the Camino so of course the moment I got back to the office I posted a hello to that page! Maybe I’ll get in on a group walk! Anyway, here are some pictures of the coffee shop. The Americano was a little more bitter than I typically like but it was still very good and the vibes of the place were so great I’ll definitely be going there to work one of these days.

Coffeehouse: ParkGrounds
Drink: Americano
Rating: ★★★★☆
Total Distance: 4.61 miles
Total Time: 2:00

2 thoughts on “Coffee Walk: ParkGrounds (Reynoldstown)

  1. I think it’s so cool that you have so many places to walk – and buy coffee. Hope you find friends in your Atlanta group. 🙂

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