Cycling at Chatfield State Park

It’s been getting cold out here in Colorado, but Winter took a break this past weekend and my wife and I took advantage of the nice weather Saturday morning. We grabbed our dog Winston and drove out to Chatfield State Park. Scarlett and Winston headed out to the massive dog park (it even has two lakes!) while I jumped on my road bike and went exploring.


I jumped on the Greenway Trail and headed north eventually finding a trail-side coffee shop – YES! Even though it was a beautiful day, it was still a bit nippy and the hot Breve Latte warmed my bones and my heart. I sat for a while to take in the scenery while sipping my latte and chatted away with a fellow cyclist. I love those moments when you meet someone you totally jive with. Our conversation was easy, like we were old friends, and covered everything from Thanksgiving and Politics, to weather and job-hunting. I regret not grabbing her number, but maybe we’ll run into each other again.


This ride wasn’t particularly long, nor was it fast, but it was just what I needed. It’s been a crazy roller coast since Proscape closed its doors and laid me off. All my energy has been sunk into finding a new job, working on codelabs, brushing up on my skills, learning new skills like Kotlin, and doing consulting work for a possible employment opportunity (fingers crossed!). The fresh air mixed with great conversation was exactly what I needed to refill my batteries and prop me up for another week 🙂 Here’s to the greatest invention IMO – bikes! Happy Riding!


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