Fabulous Anniversary!

This past weekend was mine and Scarletts second year anniversary…wow! How time just flies! We had a wonderful weekend. With so many things going on in the month of December, birthdays and of course Christmas, we decided to keep this one on the down low. We completely trapped ourselves in my apartment for all of Sunday just hanging out watching movies – mostly christmas movies – hanging decorations, dancing in the kitchen to Christmas music while cooking a meal, and playing checkers 🙂 Yes a good time. I wanted to stretch out every minute and turn it into an hour!

In other news – I have joined a new gym…called CrossFit. It is an AWESOME place to get in shape. I’ve never been a gym rat and I have a really hard time with self-motivation when it comes to working out. I think I may have found the perfect solution. At CrossFit – you meet with a group at a scheduled time (they run classes throughout the day) and work with a trainer in a group setting. Very cool. And they kick my ass every time I go! They keep me challenged and best of all – they keep me pushing to better myself. I LOVE IT!

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