Farewell Wichita, hello St. Charles, MO!

The morning we finally departed Wichita, KS was a bag of mixed emotions. We had stayed an extra week to finish purchasing our new truck and 5th wheel as well as to sell our old setup, so we were already off schedule on our trek to attend my Grandfathers farewell party in Lewiston, NY on September 1st. As anxious as we were to hit the road, it was hard saying goodbye to Elizabeth and Nate. It was so nice being close to them again. They really are great kids, Scarlett and I are really lucky ♡

It was also hard to say goodbye to our newest dear friends, Scott & Deb. These two are the warmest people I think I’ve ever encountered and I fell instantly in love with them both. I hope we get to see them again during our travels. Deb and Scott supervised and assisted in our first attempt at unhooking and preparing the 5th wheel for travel, as well as hitching it up to the truck.

We took off late in the morning and headed for Sundermeier RV Park in St. Charles, MO. We arrived late at night and even though this would be our first time unhitching and hooking up the 5th wheel, we breezed through it and settled into site #16.

We were only in St. Charles for 5 days, but I swear it felt like we did and saw SO MUCH. I LOVED this place and definitely want to come back for a longer stay to really take everything in and get out to St. Louis. The RV Park was clean and the wifi was actually pretty reliable. The RV park sits just a stones throw from the Katy Trail, a 240 mile rails-to-trails trail!

St. Charles is the third oldest city in Missouri and was settled by french speaking colonists from Canada back in a time when this area was ruled by Spain. Spain later ceded the “Province of Louisiana” to France in 1800 and for 2 whole years this little city was under the flag of France. You can see this history reflected in the architecture.


We toured the little city and found a lovely coffee shop, as well as a fabulous wine store where you could not only buy wine, but learn about all kinds of cool stuff while sipping on a glass of the vino! I don’t typically drink whiskey, but I learned so much about it there that I just had to buy a bottle – Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey.

The Katy Trail is GORGEOUS and easily our favorite part of our stay. We did walks daily, sometimes multiple times a day!

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