Fully Caprisco Chair – Issues and Fixes

A few weeks back I ordered the Caprisco Office Chair from Fully. I had heard so many great things about this chair from others I work with so I figured the huge price tag was likely worth every penny. This chair plus a smaller lift since I’m a shorty and a foot rest came to a whopping $950 – more than I had ever spent on a desk chair!

The Issue:

The chair reached me fairly quickly and when I began to assemble it, I quickly ran into a problem. I could not fully insert the back of the chair into the bottom piece. You can see in this picture below, there is quite a gap:

I thought it seemed obvious that it wasn’t designed to fit together this way, but I tried to screw it in anyway and as I suspected, the screw was going in crooked and had I continued I would’ve stripped the threads. So I pulled it apart and inspected each piece and this is what I found:




The Fix:

As shown in the photos above, there are these two little nubs on the seat back insert that were just a hair too high and were preventing a nice fit. I ordered some diamond coated metal files on Amazon, and just shaved them down just under a millimeter:


Once that was done, I was able to easily slide the pieces together. Notice how nicely the screw hole lines up:

fixed_back_properly_seatedFinished Product:


Fully sent me an apology for all my troubles and an offer to send me either a Lumen Lamp or their Topo Anti-fatique mat as a gift. I chose the mat. Nice offer and I really appreciated it. 🙂

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