Hours Before the Big Event

I’m sitting in our honeymoon suite sipping on a lovely cup of freshly brewed hotel coffee… lol. Actually it’s really not that bad. Especially since we took total advantage of the refrigerator and went out and bought real create and a box of real sugar.

Today is going to be super crazy. Nina and Emily are on there way over. Nina is our hairstylist. She will be doing hair of Scarlett and I, my mom, Elizabeth (Scarlett’s daughter), my sister, and my niece. The makeup artist, Heather, will be showing up at 1pm to get everyone all prettyied up. It’s only 8am and already the day feels heavy. That’s why I’m here…just blogging for the time between sleep and running out like a mad woman! Once Carissa, Nina and Elizabeth are in the room Scarlett and I are going to go to breakfast together. Just to get some downtime and alone time before everything gets rolling. It was a fabulous suggestion from our Officiant, Emily’s mom Sandy. This way we have a chance to just be together and talk about what we mean to each other and how excited we are.

We did the rehearsal ceremony yesterday which went really really well. It was so fun to see it all finally pull together. There is so much happening to be ready for and I was so stressed about it all, but to see if in practice and to see that so many people know exactly what to do – that just made me feel so much better.

Last night we took everyone out to dinner at DeFlippo’s. Most of my family didn’t make it because they are a bit of a drive away and there was another really important charity function that my cousin was hosting, but all of Scarlett’s family was there, as well as my lovely siblings. I also had a bunch of friends from out of town that joined us, and an old and close local friend was there with her son. I looked around and just was overcome with how happy I felt to have all these people that we love so much here with us right now at this moment.

Carissa and Elizabeth are here now. Oh and Nina just arrive as well. Scarlett and I are heading out to breakfast!

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