The weather is finally breaking, the sun is peaking out, and primo cycling has begun! I am finally starting to get back into the flow of cycling again. This past week I have ridden almost every day. My first day on the bike was last week – it had been over 2 months since my last ride. When I jumped on the bike and started peddling it all came back to me. Why I love to cycle. The freedom, the machine. I feel like a machine when I’m on the bike. Nothing holding me back except myself. My mind flies around and enjoys whatever topic it finds most interesting at that moment…my legs become the pedal, my heart the pounding engine, my eyes the watchful headlights – taking in all the beautiful of the Atlanta architecture, parks, and streets.

I did a 10-day cleanse before starting my new routine. It was wonderful! I totally recommend it to anyone and everyone who is interested in detoxifying your body. It’s called the Master Cleanse. Yes, I heard all the horror stories, but I read both books, the original by Stanley Burroughs and then one actually called The Master Cleanse by one of his students. Great books, and by the time I did all my research I felt confident that not only was it safe, but that it would help me feel better. Before the cleanse I was having a really difficult time. I had really foggy thinking, trouble sleeping, always feeling tired or fatigued, lack of energy and drive…terrible. I just felt terrible. No doubt it was largely due to a piss poor diet and lack of exercise, but whenever I tried to get back into it, I just couldn’t. It was a really tough spot to be in. The cleanse helped me through that. Whatever toxic crap that was sitting in my system was flushed away and I feel better today than I did every day last year.

My New Years resolution was to give up drinking for 6 months. For so many reasons, not because I’m worried about my drinking per se, more because after my accident I fell into a terrible hole. I stopped riding, stopped exercising, stopped eating healthy, drank more…and worse of all…started smoking when I went out! I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me, I think I was suffering a minor bout of depression but just am so clueless of my emotional inner workings that I didn’t even realize it! One morning I woke up really tired and looked in the mirror. I had huge bags under my eyes, and I was so pale. I looked unhealthy. Seriously unhealthy. I had gained weight and just had a general feeling of unwellness. So I decided to do something about it. I made a New Years resolution to give up alcohol mostly to get me the hell away from cigarettes as well as to take those 6 months and work on me. Work on my health, my wellness. That’s my goal. So far so good! I haven’t smoked which is a great relief, no drinking, and I’m really getting into exploring nutritional choices regarding what goes into my body and how it makes me feel. I think that was one of the most beneficial effects of the cleanse…when I came off I was able to feel how food made me felt. I found that dairy products make me incredibly mucussy and feel horrible. That yes broccoli does give me gas – as well as cabbage. LOL. Funny. I dont enjoy the way red meat makes me feel – so I drastically cut that down to almost nothing, and only eat animal type stuff once a day – usually dinner. Mostly I’m doing veggies, fruits, nuts and legumes. Talk about an awesome energy combo!

So that’s my status!

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