So last night Scarlett and I had to do a bunch of running around to prepare for the weekend. So much going on. Her son, Michael, is currently driving from Jacksonville, FL, to here and should be arriving sometime this weekend. Plus we’re heading out to Copper Mountain for the weekend and won’t be coming back until Sunday so we wanted to get some prep work done. Make sure everything is all squared away before we leave. 

During our running around we happened to drive past Larkburger. I had heard from a couple of people that they had really really good burgers and that I had to try them. I was totally starving…my tummy talking more than my mouth at this point so I suggested we eat there. Scarlett was down so we pulled up and went inside. 

Now, normally I rarely actually finish an entire burger anymore. I find them so filling. So when I saw on the menu “Little Lark” I thought perfect! Scarlett and I both ordered one of those. We get these burgers and are completely shocked at just how “Little” they are! For $3.50 + tx, you’re getting about 2 tablespoons of beef. And its not even grassfed beef! It is natural however so that is a good thing. Anyway, the burger was delicious and even though it was incredibly small, it was surprisingly perfect for my belly 🙂


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