Laverne M. Johnson Park – Lyons, CO

We left Colorado and started our new nomad lifestyle in July of last year. Since then we’ve been all over the east coast and have had quite an adventure. Now we’re back to where we started. Colorado is always a bitter-sweet visit. I have family out here so visits to this state tend to focus on spending as much time with family as possible. It’s so nice to see everyone, and I’m always a little sad to say goodbye.

We were at this park from May 19 – June 2, 2019. Scarlett’s dad actually moved with us from Wichita, KS and stayed in our trailer for the first week. It was difficult having a 3rd person stay in such a small space, but we made it work. Now that we’ve tried it, we’ve decided to limit the amount of time people stay with us to 4 nights and it has to be over a weekend. It was just too disruptive from a work standpoint to have someone staying with us for so long.

This is a beautiful park BTW! The only downfall was the spacing between campers was really tight. But the park itself is gorgeous! Our first day there it snowed, but other than that, the weather was really nice.

We spent lots of time with family this time around. We even got to visit with Scarlett’s son, Michael. We attended my niece Sophia’s dance recital (she was AMAZING). We even toured the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Colorado Museum of Science. What a fascinating man.

A life well spent is long

– Leonardo Da Vinci

We took a drive out to see the Garden of the Gods. Note to self, before taking my niece or nephew on a long trip like this, verify they don’t have to be back for something later in the day. We drove for over 2 hours (terrible traffic) out to the Garden of the Gods, only to have to turn around and come right back because Sophia had a dance rehearsal that night that everyone forgot about. It was all good though, at least we got to attend a couple of Sophia’s dance recitals this time around. We even had Marc and Sophia stay with us on different nights so they could get some extra Auntie time <3

I jumped on my road bike for the first time in many months! It felt so good to be back on my bike. I made it pretty far too. Considering I haven’t been all that active, I’m guessing it was almost entirely due to muscle memory. I even got a little taste of WordPress during the ride. The website for “Say No to St. Vrain Mining” is a site.

It was by total coincidence that Shawn and Rebecca (our son-in-laws parents and very dear friends) were staying at the same RV park during the same time as us so that was a treat. We hung out and checked out some live music at Oscar Blues in Lyons, CO.

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