Locked Out – Christmas in Atlanta

The Riu Wagon is now parked just outside of Atlanta, GA, in the Stone Mountain area. We’ll be here until January 20th. It feels wonderful to be back among friends. I lived in Atlanta many years ago and have missed it since the day I left.

Christmas was packed full of mishaps and fun. We began the day by meeting my dear friend Kit at Stone Mountain for a walk around the park with the pups. The weather was beautiful. Brisk and just chilly enough for a sweater, but clear skies and sunny.

Upon arriving back at the trailer to drop off the dog, I noticed I left my office window open. I’m not one to leave windows open when nobody is home so I commented about how I’ll have to make sure to close it before we head out again. Ten minutes later Scarlett was struggling to climb in through that window!! The key would turn but the door lock would not disengage. Thank goodness we had that open window. I did manage to record a video, but I was also holding the ladder so I don’t actually get a shot of Scarlett getting in through the window until the very end. Still very funny! Luckily we already have one of those fancy RV locks that take pin codes on the way!

An hour later we were driving into downtown Atlanta to meet up with a bunch of friends, old and new, at Nakato for an early hibachi dinner. We had such a good time. The food was delicious and the company was amazing. I got to catch up with long time friends Trina and her wife Melissa, as well as Arlene and her wife Debbie.

After dinner we drove out to Arlene’s house for a bonfire, desserts, pomegranate mimosa’s, and homemade eggnog with Rum.

So I’d say we had a fantastic Christmas! We caught up with old friends, we made some new ones, ate great food, drank and made merry!! OH! And I got a playstation VR for Christmas!!! Woohoo!!


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  1. It was so wonderful to see you both and spend Christmas with you. It has been a long time an it was a true gift to spend time together .

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