Move to Atlanta and Christmas

Damn 2007 has been quite a year for me. I ended an awful relationship, a started a wonderful new one – of course right before I was moving to another state, but that’s another post of its own. I quite one job, and am starting a new one. I quite one CAREER and am starting a new one!

On December 15th I awoke early in the morning with my now girlfriend, Scarlett. We jumped into her car and took off to pick up the Penske truck. I had secured a 12 ft truck thinking that it would be enough. I figured out by the way that you can really wheel and deal with these truck rental agencies. When I first started looking, I had a reservation with UHaul for 12ft truck at $720. By the time I was done haggling between Penske and Uhaul I had a 12 ft Penske truck, a box cart, and 12 furniture blankets for $310. Not bad.

So anyway we got the truck and headed over to my house. I started second guessing whether or not all my shit was going to fit into this little truck. I was stressing about it so badly that I finally called Penske and they allowed me to upgrade to a 16 ft truck without even paying more money. How cool is that?! Friends showed up and within an hour we had the truck packed. Yeah I could’ve fit it in the smaller truck, but peice of mind made me feel better. By 2pm we hit the road for the long drive from Hollywood, FL to Atlanta,GA. My two cats, Benny and Peanut both in kitty carriers in the front seat with us.

Did I mention my car is in a shop in Ft Lauderdale? Yeah a couple weeks before the move I was rear ended!

Anyway….we made it to GA on Sunday (we had stopped halfway) and we put all my stuff in storage. Speaking of storage…the flamer manning the desk at the storage facility was HILARIOUS! We were talking and I asked him his name…he said on his good days, they call him Tony the human vibrator…and on his bad days they just call him BITCH! LOL! What a trip this man was!

Scarlett and I spent the rest of the day together and then I took her to the airport. Ah…haven’t seen her since and mis s her terribly. I am now up in Buffalo, NY for the holidays. Have been here since the 19th. Too long. I love Buffalo, but I’m just ready to feel settled somewhere. I’ve been in complete limbo for well over a month now! Christmas was okay, didn’t feel much like christmas this year for some reason. Just another day. New years should be a blast. I will be leaving this weekend for Saratoga and will be there for my sisters wedding until Monday where Scarlett will be flying in and meeting me back in Buffalo. We’re going to ring in the new year together šŸ™‚

Now for cycling. I haven’t been on my bike in a month šŸ™ So depressing. I can’t wait to get back on the two wheels!

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