Moving to Hotlanta!!

Scarlett and I have decided to hang up our nomading hats and settle down for a spell or two. We’ve really enjoyed being on the road and seeing so many new places and meeting new people, but the pandemic gave us a change of perspective. After spending several months of quarantine the walls started to close in on us. During the pandemic my doctors office out in Boulder, CO, closed down and so I’ve been without my ADHD meds for a couple months now (try getting those kind of meds as a nomad…really hard). Losing this medication was a blessing for me though. I’m an extrovert and the one thing I really don’t like about stimulant-type medication is that it turns me into an introvert and a work horse. All I want to do is work on my computer all day long and be left alone and that’s so counter to my personality that it’s really not good for my mental or emotional health. Don’t worry about me though, I’ve made some dietary changes that seem to really be helping and I’m hoping to stay off of stimulant medication. Anyway, once off this medication I was forced to look inward and realized that as much as I loved nomading, I really missed having structure. I missed having people around me and the city life. So after talking it over with Scarlett we decided we were moving to Atlanta!! I lived in Atlanta 10 years ago and am so excited to be heading back to my heart home.

Everything came together so easily for us the moment we made up our mind to move to Atlanta. We managed to secure and awesome Realtor (thanks Miss Kittie!) and locate a townhouse in Druid Hills that we absolutely adored that worked for both my extroverted, bike-loving personality, and Scarlett’s tree-loving introverted personality. We’re currently under contract for the townhouse and will be closing this coming Friday!!

The Move So Far…

Moving to Atlanta is going to take some time for us. We left Santa Fe, NM, this past Thursday and aren’t due to arrive in Atlanta until this Monday (8/3/2020). The first leg of the journey took us to Amarillo, TX where we stayed at the Oasis RV Park.

The second leg of our move has taken us to where I’m writing from right now, Checotah, OK. We’re staying at the Lake Eufaula West KOA.

We’ll be leaving soon to drive to Hazen, AR for the 3rd leg of our journey!!

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