Uh well we’re movin’ on up! Connect First has moved once again! It has been a very exciting week for us all. When I first started with Connect First they didn’t even have an office. There were only 4 employees… three owners and me! I would either work from home or work from my bosses house. I have fond memories of building servers in Richards basement (the other owner). Ah and then we moved into our first office – a tiny 2-bedroom house in Marietta, GA. Cute little place. It was a big deal for us all. We could all finally work together. It had a kitchen and a bathroom, what more could you ask for?

The Marietta Office
Geoff and Richard unloading the moving van
Yup, they own the company
Life in Marietta was fun. Richard and I found an awesome Mexican restaurant right at the end of the block that we absolutely loved (but Geoff flat out refused to eat there). This was a “true” Mexican restaurant…no english on their menu’s…ah I miss that place.

Then the big move to Boulder came along. Geoff found a really great office in North Boulder. At first it seemed big enough. It came with a nice open space surrounded by 5 offices. But we quickly grew out of that and they had to build two more offices in that space. This was great and it was homey. We even had a giant ping pong table showcased in the center of the room! But soon I moved to Boulder, then we hired another Software Developer, and then a Director of Client Services, a Finance Person, a Director of Operations, a Director of Sales, a QA Technician, and a Tier II Support Person. This space quickly became very small and close. We had to turn our conference room into a shared office for two people just to fit everyone in.

I thought I had pictures of the other office but apparently I do not 🙁

Yesterday we moved once again, this time right upstairs from our current office. This new office is the best one yet! Twice as big…lots of offices and floor space and wonderful views of the Flat Irons. Everyone is just jazzed to be moved into the new Connect First home.


View from my new office



Scarlett in her new Office
Dan hanging out with Rip and Izzy


Geoff in his new super awesome corner office!

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