Oregon State: 9/22 – 10/20

Oregon is such a beautiful state and we happened to be there during the Fall which means it was extra beautiful! We stayed in two different locations in the state of Oregon: Troutdale & Roseburg.

Troutdale, OR

Troutdale is an adorable little city 25 minutes outside of Portland. We stayed at the Sandy River RV Resort from 9/22 – 10/13 (~3 weeks) for $986.58 (full hookups). I really loved this campground, it was clean and beautiful, and you could walk to the little historic downtown strip of Troutdale.

Pod Save America

While in the Portland area we went to see Pod Save America live! We’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, and were thrilled to see the show in person. It was a great show but I was really glad we purchased the less expensive seats since it only lasted for a little more than an hour and a good chunk of the show was centered around microbreweries. Not that I don’t love beer, I just would’ve rather listened to them speak about politics for that chunk.

Visiting Friends

We were thrilled to visit some old friends of ours in this part of the country as well! Sonia and Marty used to be our neighbors when we lived in Boulder, CO, and are probably two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. They moved out to Hood River, OR a couple years ago and it was only 50 minutes from where we were staying so we drove out for an afternoon visit. They now live in this gorgeous house on the side of a mountain. We walked a trail with Sonia and her pooch Hitch and took in the beauty of the area.

We also got to hang out with Jeremiah whom we met during the Shamanic Dieta in Peru last year. He lives in the area so we reached out and spent an afternoon hanging out with him in the Buckman neighborhood of Portland. We had lunch at Wa Kitchen Kuu, a modern Japanese restaurant with a great ambiance where we got to meet Jeremiah’s partner, and walked the Eastbank Esplanade which is a paved pedestrian and bicycle path along the Willamette River. At Jeremiah’s apartment we were treated to his playing of the Koto – a really beautiful Japanese instrument.

Koto – a Japanese stringed instrument

Jeremiah asked not to have his pictures posted online, but here at some of the other snapshots we took during our afternoon.

Roseburg, OR

We were only in Roseburg for a week. We stayed at the Rising River RV park from 10/13 – 10/20 @ $215.04. This is a beautiful campground and our spot backed up to the open space and South Umpqua River. The animals loved this area as there was a lot of wildlife and not a lot of noise. I hope we stay there again in the future, I found our week there to be completely relaxing.

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  1. I would LOVE to make it to the west coast area some day. Not in the near future though, lol. Love your posts !

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