Panacea, FL – Holiday RV Campgrounds

We stayed at this campground for exactly two weeks. At first I really didn’t like it, the sites are super cramped. Your neighbor is so close that the awning, once extended, pretty much touches the other rig. I had no beautiful views while working in my office. However, behind our row of RVs was this massive open space overlooking Ochlockonee Bay and thus is really where the brilliance of the layout comes into focus. Being tightly packed in forces everyone into the community space behind the trailers and this fosters a sort of community. At night you’d find several families sitting around campfires sharing stories and getting to know each other. We met and hung out with two of our neighbors: Manny, Marnie and their dog Misty, as well as Joe, Kris, and their dog Gunther. Leaving was sweet sorrow, I already miss those campfires.

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida, and Florida is Scarlett’s home state so we took a day and drive out to the city. The capital building looks like a penis which I found hysterical. We toured through the Florida History Museum.

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