Pony Express RV Resort – Salt Lake City, UT

We stayed at Pony Express RV Resort in Salt Lake City, UT, from June 16 – July 7, 2019 (3 weeks) at site #B-27 for $1,238.11 (approx. $59/day). This was probably one of my favorite parks for a handful of reasons:

  • Beautiful mountain views
  • Proximity to downtown Salt Lake City
  • Fenced dog park
  • Plenty of doggie poop stations
  • Vending machines, clean bathrooms/showers, nice laundry facilities with an attached community room and pool table! (though the pool sticks were junk)

But! The absolute biggest reason why I loved this RV park so much? It’s right off the Jordan River Parkway Trail!! Literally! From our site I would walk about 20 steps and be on the trail. This trail is 40+ miles of paved bliss. Beautiful views — especially when heading south towards downtown Salt Lake City. I used it to commute to Work Hive which is a really nice coworking space in downtown SLC.

While we were in SLC we did a bunch of exploring (though I was gone for a week in Chicago for a team meetup), and we even made new friends! We were very lucky to have been remotely introduced to Tiffany and Josh through a mutual friend. We spent the 4th of July with them and their kids, and had the most delicious meal I’ve had in a very long while – all home cooked by Josh! My only regret is we didn’t get any photos 🙁

The Mormon Temple & Thoughts

Scarlett and I spent a day riding this trail and explored a little bit of the downtown. We even walked around Temple Square to get some pictures of the LDS (Mormon) temple. Wow, what a beautiful piece of architecture that was! I feel like a person’s religion is very personal and everyone has the right to believe in whatever they wish, just as long as they don’t try to push their beliefs on me or try to limit my own personal freedoms based on their beliefs…and that’s my problem with the Mormon institution – they are very much against gays and gay marriage and they spent exorbitant amounts of money to try to stop the legalization of gay marriage in America – something my wife and I truly cherish. That said, I’ve never met a Mormon I didn’t like personally, I’m just not a big fan of their dogma.

Oddities & Such

While exploring downtown we did run into some funny photo-worthy moments like the trailer and goats in the middle of downtown, the bizarre looking ball-sack ice cream on top of Jimmy John’s, and the drawing to win a 90’s Chevy Blazer at the mall.

Overall we loved SLC and hope to make it back that way for a longer period of time so we can explore everything it has to offer!

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