I climbed Kennessaw Mountain again last week! All the way to the top without stopping! Woo Hoo! I haven’t been back on the bike since. Boo! This has been due to the rain. It has been raining every day here in Georgia since Wednesday. Craziness. We need it tho – we’ve been in a drought for so long. Tomorrow I think its supposed to clear up. I will have to take my bike to work with me and get a good ride in.

My weekend was wonderful. Spent it with Scarlett. At first I was really worried that I would have to spend most of it working, but I stayed late Friday working with Geoff on the import project and we got most of it done. The only thing left to do was just clean it all up. I did that Saturday while Scarlett took off shopping at Atlantic Station.

When she got back we decided we were going to go check out the first ever Cabbage Town Art Festival! Exciting right? So we left the house despite the rain and drove on down. Grabbing the umbrella from the car we huddled close together under its awning and walked over to the location where the festival was supposed to be. Nothing. Not a soul. Have no idea what was going on, if it was a misprint, if it was an old post, or if it was canceled, but there was no art festival. Bummer. So we decided to go to the movies instead. A much better (and warmer) indoor activity. We went to see “He’s just not that into you”. OMG such an ADORABLE movie. Totally recommend it.

Sunday we slept in, I mean really slept in. I don’t think we got out of bed before 11am. I put her to work. We moved some stuff around in my apartment and then moved some stuff up from the basement into the apartment. Good times. Lots of work. Then we went to F.R.O.G.S in Midtown for some enchiladas and drinks. After that I dropped her off at the Marta and she headed home.

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