Settling During a Pandemic

Scarlett and I retired our nomad ways and moved into our townhouse in the Druid Hills neighborhood of Atlanta in the middle of a still very active COVID-19 pandemic and as expected, it’s been quite the ride.

Since we were moving from a 5th wheel where all the furniture was builtin, we had pretty much no furniture when we got into the townhouse save for the custom after-market beds we had installed in the trailer. For the first couple of months Scarlett and I lived like young adults who just moved out of their parents house: we had our mattresses on the floor in the living room…he he he. Every day was a slumber party. We went to West Elm and spent a large chunk of our savings buying new furniture but due to the pandemic it took months to get all our furniture. We took delivery of the final piece just a couple weeks ago.

Sleeping on the floor until we get real furniture

This pandemic has been rough for everyone and all things considered Scarlett and I have been very lucky. We’ve both stayed gainfully employed so at least finances haven’t been one of our worries (unlike so many people across the globe). Due to both Scarlett and I working from home we’ve also avoided the virus so far. My Aunt Deb and Uncle Dale contracted COVID and seeing what they went through – I definitely don’t want it. My Aunt ended up on a ventilator for almost 3 months and really struggled to make it back to us. Thankfully she pulled through and is working hard every day on her recovery. This virus is no joke and I really wish everyone would take it deadly serious.

Staying Sane

I lived in Atlanta years ago and it’s a really exciting place to live. Atlanta has so many amazing restaurants, breweries, festivals, public parks and fun things to experience but we haven’t been able to enjoy most of it due to the pandemic. I really miss seeing other people and mingling. My wife is an introvert and so hanging around the house day after day with just us and our fur babies is her version of perfect, but I’m an extrovert and slowly losing my mind. Thank goodness we live in a neighborhood surrounded by parks and trails.

I’m also blessed to have some amazing friends in the area and we’ve gathered several times for “porch squats” and even a masked visit to the Georgia Botanical Gardens for the Christmas lights display.

Our fur babies are happy as well. They have a much larger space to play in inside and love walking around our new neighborhood. I just can’t wait for real life to open up again and things to go back to normal.

I also bought a peloton to get some exercise and I totally recommend it!

Happy Notes

During this pandemic my brother welcomed his new baby boy: Lil Miker’. That’s not his actual name but that’s what I call him. Miker’s real name is Michael Jr. and he’s absolutely beautiful! Since my brother lives all the way out in Tucson, AZ, we’ll have to wait for the pandemic to clear before making our way out to meet the little fella in person.

I also have a new cousin as well (Granddaughter of Aunt Deb and Uncle Dale)! Isn’t she beautiful! Ah, life still marches on.

Old House

We still haven’t sold our 5th wheel or our truck. The 5th Wheel is in storage for now with the intent to sell, and the truck should be sold sometime soon. We don’t use it at all. Scarlett and I both got new cars shortly after moving here. Have you tried to drive a big diesel truck in Atlanta? Not fun at all. Scarlett now has a Honda Fit and I have a VW GTI!

4 thoughts on “Settling During a Pandemic

  1. Congrats on settling down! ^_^ We have also decided to settle just north of you, in Asheville, NC! I would love to explore Atlanta more. We barely got to see any of the city as I became sick (possibly with covid, in retrospect…) and the pandemic was just beginning to bear down in March when we visited. Hopefully we can get together and chat about RV woes sometime in the future when this clears up. In the meantime we’re living in the RV while we look for land and save up to build a home. I do fear that we’ll be furniture-less by the time everything comes together – ha! Glad you finally got your furniture and I LOVE your GTI. I had a Golf myself (though it was a lemon…) but I love the look of them so much.

    1. Hi Lilly!! Yes! We should totally meet up once this pandemic passes and swap nomad stories! Good luck on your land search…Scarlett and I had actually considered doing something similar at one point, but I’m a city girl – I love Atlanta. If you end up in the area let me know – I’ll be happy to show you around.

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