South Dakota…It’s Official!

Last year Scarlett and I bought a travel trailer and this year we are finally launching on our dream of living on the road for a whole year! We were living in this giant house surrounded by all our stuff and it just wasn’t making us happy. It felt more like a burden than a life. 

So…we sold the house and sold/donated pretty much everything we owned. All that is left of our previous life is a half full 8′ x 4′ storage unit in Arvada, CO, containing some family photos, my mango wood desk, and artwork. Liquidating everything we owned was way tougher than just moving. The house was in complete chaos for several weeks.

We moved out and got everything done just in the nick of time, dropped off the boxes destined for our travel trailer at my sisters, and the day after we signed the house over to the new owners, we were on a plane to start a mini-journey that would eventually lead us into Peru, where we participated in a Shamanic Dieta in the Amazon Jungle. Going from a house of chaos, to no house at all and jungle life was a nice change of pace.

We returned from Peru and hit the ground running. We stayed at my sisters house in Longmont. Scarlett continued to pack up the travel trailer while I adjusted back into work after almost 3 weeks off. We had a deadline and it quickly hit us…so before we knew it, we had returned the trailer to storage and took off for South Dakota to change our residency.

The great thing about South Dakota is you only need to sleep one night at a hotel of your choice to be considered a resident. And why would you do that? No state taxes, cheaper insurance rates…etc. We have a mail service that provides us a legal address in SD so it all works out.

Switching everything over was not too bad…all was settled within a couple days. While in town Scarlett and I enjoyed a nice dinner in the downtown area. 

Of course, on the very last full day in Rapid City, we discovered this incredible coffee shop where the owners roast their own beans! Pure Beans is located in a beautiful converted industrial building with plenty of space to work and enjoy a perfect latte. If I’m ever back in town I’ll be setting up my office here 🙂

On our way back to Colorado we did some drive by tourism and finally got to see Mount Rushmore!

We left for South Dakota on Monday and were back in Longmont, CO on Friday. Busy week…and so much left to do! More to come 🙂

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