Sparks, NV (10/27 – 11/10/19)

I’ve gotten really behind in my blogging again! It feels like I’m always catching up. Before it got too late I wanted to write about out travels through Nevada. This post covers some of the highlights of our 2-week stay:

  • Sparks Marina RV Resort
  • Visiting with the Raymond’s
  • Hanging out with my cousins
  • Checking out Lake Tahoe

Sparks Marina RV Resort

We stayed at the Sparks Marina RV Resort for 14 days for $572.27 (this is with a discount of $88.20 for staying over 7 days). This was a really nice, clean, and updated RV resort right in the city. I think our favorite part of the park was it’s location since it made it easy to walk. From the park you can walk to The Outlets at Legends mall which has a bunch of shops but also restaurants and a movie theatre. We also loved walking around the massive Sparks Marina Park Lake. I think the biggest downside to this park was that all the sites were covered with astroturf instead of real grass which is expected for the area, but it meant you had to be really careful to not allow your dog to pee anywhere but inside designated doggie runs at the ends of the resort.

Visiting with the Raymond’s

Sparks is one city over from the capital of Nevada: Carson City. I lived in Carson City many many years ago. I moved there back in 1996 when I was 19 years old and stayed for 3 years. Anyone who knows me knows this was a tough part of my life, but it was there that I met one of my dearest and oldest friends – Corrine. Going back to that area is always really trippy. Carson City is not even recognizable to me anymore, but it was so nice to spend some time with Corrine and to finally meet her wife and my little niece – Brinley. We met up for dinner at Great Full Gardens which has a little something for everyone, Corrine and Bailey also invited us over for a delicious steak dinner where we got to meet their awesome friends Joe and Gideon, and finally, we discovered a fabulous Indian restaurant in Sparks: Bangkok Cuisine.

Hanging out with my cousins

My mom and dad separated when I was two and my mom raised me as a single mom so I didn’t actually see my father again until I was in my late teens and already living on my own. My father and I aren’t particularly close despite my best efforts; after a lot of pain and heartache I’ve had to let go of all the things I thought having a father would be like and accept that I just wasn’t meant to have one in this life. That’s okay, if life has taught me anything, it’s that it’s better to have no father than to have a really shitty one. That doesn’t carry over to the rest of his family though! My father was one of 9(?) children so I have lots of Aunts, Uncles and cousins on that side and over the years have had the pleasure of getting to know a bunch of them – mostly over Facebook. Living this nomadic life has given me the wonderful opportunity to hang out with many of them in person, and during this trip I got to hang out with my cousin Renee and her amazing daughter Brigette. We went to the movies one night and saw the new Terminator movie and I even got to meet Brigette’s fiance Cesar – those two are such an adorable couple <3. We also did a game night at Renee’s house (I won!).

Exploring Lake Tahoe

Scarlett and I spent a day hanging out in Lake Tahoe as well – what a beautiful place! We found this great restaurant called Boathouse on the Pier to have a late lunch (since it took us forever to find it).

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