Starting out…

A few months back I decided to open my own business, RiuSoft Inc. It’s a consulting firm that specializes in custom development for Web Applications and Android Mobile Development. It’s been a roller coaster since starting out. I’ve picked up some really interesting gigs along the way. I’m learning a ton of new things. When I was first starting out, I had never done an Android Application. I picked up a contract gig and dug in. What fun! The instant gratification of building a mobile app eclipses anything I’ve done to date. Nothing feels better than plugging in a phone and running that app for the first time. To see something you sketched out come to life – to watch your logic and algorithms take flight! I recommend it for anyone who wants to play around and have fun learning.

Anyway, I’ve decided to start this blog so I have a forum for voicing some of my many frustrations, wins and ponderings. I’m notoriously terrible at keeping up with a blog, but I’m giving it another shot. Stay tuned. 

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