I put my first order in to Vanderkitten for some new stuff…oh so excited to get em! I’m such a bike whore. I still need to get a new saddle, but I keep spending money on other stuff. One of the guys on my weekend ride was selling his Speedplay Zeros for $60. Clips and all! Couldn’t pass that up.

I learned a really valuable lesson while installing those pedals. Picture this. I was in my livingroom, with my bike upside down. I had a movie in called “Kiss me again”. Now I haven’t done a lot of bike work. I’m learning, and I’m doing it alone. So I have my allen wrench in and I’m trying to get the damn left pedal off. I putting all of my body weight into this (and I’m NOT a light little girl either). All the while most of my attention is on the movie. Suddenly, the two girls kiss and bam! My concentration slips, the pedal comes loose, and the palm of my hand comes down hard on the big cog! Two of the teeth went right into my palm! Ouch! And OMG it bled so bad you would’ve thought I had just murdered a small animal! I pulled my hand off, and ran to the sink, running it under cold water. I soaped the hell out of it…scrub…scrub…scrub. Dammit! I couldn’t get the grease out of the cuts. A part of me wonders if there is some sort of shot I’m gonna need now that I have chain grease circulating through my blood, but I finally figured if that were true there would be thousands of bike mechanics dropping dead every year! I’ll be okay. Its funny, once it was all cleaned out it it doesn’t look that bad. Just looks like dracula took a little sip is all.

I have dinner plans for tonight with a “friend”. We’ll see how that goes. Heh. Women. I’ve come to the realization that all women are nuts, and I love ’em! Bananas! This weekend should be a lot of fun. I think I’ll be going to some Halloween Fright Fest and then of course the usual group rides (cycling). Get some better bella pictures.

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