Tiger Run RV Resort – Breckenridge, CO

After two weeks in Lyons, CO, we moved to Breckenridge, CO where we stayed at Tiger Run Resort for a very short one-week stint. Tiger Run is a beautiful resort where each space is privately owned. Some spaces have cabins, some have storage facilities next to a nicely leveled concrete pad to park an RV, some have both a cabin and RV parking, while others can only accommodate a travel trailer. We rented space #291 and were really happy. Full hookups @ 50 amp and this space cost us $728.13 for the week (approximately $104/day).

Another Monitor Bites the Dust

The drive up to Breckenridge was super bumpy…the roads just sucked. When we arrived at Tiger Run and I unpacked the trailer I found that my monitor had moved so much that the bungee cord used to secure it to the desk slipped and was digging into the monitor screen. Worried, I attached my laptop to the monitor and sure enough, I had a wide vertical bar of dead pixels almost near the center of my screen. Sigh. So I ordered a new monitor off of Amazon. This time I purchased the Samsung CJ791 34” Thunderbolt 3 Curved QLED Widescreen monitor ($799+tx).

So far I really like this monitor. The speakers are surprisingly good (very loud), picture is clear, and the colors are crisp. The only thing I don’t like about this monitor is the really funky VESA mount. I have a monitor stand that I mount my monitors on so I can adjust the monitor for all types of fun stuff – watching YouTube while doing the dishes, working from my recliner…etc. The VESA mount for this monitor is huge and bulky and really takes away from the slick design of the monitor itself.

My sister and her husband Geoff own a condo up in Breckenridge so we got to spend one final day with them before leaving. We had lunch with them in Breck and walked around for a while. Then we all went back to our campsite. Carissa and Geoff brought their dogs and we did a play date with Winston. Sadly the week just flew by and we were soon packing up to drive off to our next stop: Palisade, CO.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Run RV Resort – Breckenridge, CO

  1. We love Tiger Run! We have meet so many great people there. And you can’t beat the indoor pool. We were there in May and it was still snowing so we didn’t get to hike and the tennis courts were not set up yet. For sure one of our favorite parks!

    1. We really loved it as well. Such a beautiful place! I would love to stay there over the winter so I could get a bunch of skiing in.

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