Valentines Weekend 2010

What an incredible weekend I had with my wonderful girlfriend, Scarlett. Since we live in completely different states, it was nice to spend valentines day doing completely normal stuff, together. Silly things that people take for granted we had a blast doing. We rented a movie (Serial Mom), went to lunch at The Righteous Bros, walked around Outwrite Books, grabbed a coffee at Carrabou, went grocery shopping, and finally, cooked a delicious Paleo Perfect Meatloaf. Ah…such good times!

Scarlett has one of those names you can’t find on a keychain. We’ve searched high and low. No luck in finding a pre-printed keychain with her name on it. Of course Amanda is very mainstream so that was easy enough, but not Scarlett. She is always complaining about not having a keychain with her name on it so this year I had a keychain engraved with her name on it. Actually its two keychains, one with her name, and one with my name. Each one printed on a half of a heart. Put the two keychains together and you have a whole heart….awwww…I also made sure to print 7/13/2012 on it šŸ™‚

Scarlett redecorated my room this year fro v-day. Anybody else and it wouldn’t have been cool, but this lady has great taste and knows me well. I love it! The picture is a partial picture of my new bedding as well as one of my new lamps. The little girl cutout is the card she made for me. So adorable.

I dropped her off at the airport about a half hour ago. Miss her terribly already. Can’t wait to see her again!

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