Weed, CA (10/20 – 10/27/19)

I couldn’t wait to make a joke about not being able to buy weed in Weed, CA, but as it turns out you CAN buy weed in Weed, CA…LOL! We stayed at a small yet adorable park: Friendly RV Park for 7 days for $275.94 (~39.42/day). A tourist gift shop/decent Mexican restaurant is just a short walk from the park where you can pick from an assortment of hilarious t-shirts featuring slogans such as “It’s always 420 in Weed, CA” and then grab an enchilada from the attached Mexican restaurant. We walked around the downtown area, but there wasn’t really much to it.

The biggest and coolest thing we did during this stay was visit Mt. Shasta. We walked around the town of Mt. Shasta, before driving to the park. We didn’t do any hiking here since they don’t allow dogs, but we did drive up to the top and take some really cool pictures before moving to the next location the following day.

Oh! And Winston started wearing his Halloween scarf <3

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