Whoa…has it been THAT LONG!?

Geez, I am just so bad at blogging. I should have my blogging license revoked, my card recalled, my keyboard destroyed! I get caught up in – whats that called? – oh yeah life…ha. I have my journal that I write in and then every few months or so I will remember that I have this blog! Cool!

Lets see…what can I catch up on? Oh well it’s now 2009, Obama is president, Scarlett and I celebrated our one year anniversary in December, my sister is pregnant and getting ready to have a baby girl, my mom moved to Georgia, I was in a terrible cycling accident that took me off my bike for a good long time and has made it incredibly difficult to get back on, and my brother has found the light at the end of the tunnel, pulled himself up and is working on changing his life.


That’s a lot of stuff! Craziness. It’s amazing what all can go down in just 5 months!

Scarlett left to go home this morning. We spent yesterday evening at Jaymita and Rubensteins house playing Wii and watching documentaries on the assassination of JFK. I no longer believe there was more than one shooter. That was a really convincing documentary. Good times. I had a hard time falling asleep last night – tossed and turned and finally fell in about 2am. Then I had to get up at 4am to drive scarlett to the airport. That was really difficult.

I have been traveling a ton ton lately. To the point where I’m sick of traveling. I flew up to Buffalo for Thanksgiving and then hung out for a week to find out if my mom got the job in Atlanta. She did, so we then packed up her car and drove 20 hours back to Georgia. Moved her in and now she is on her feet.

I got back home and the following weekend was mine and Scarletts one year anniversary so we drove up to the North Carolina mountains to stay at a cabin for the weekend. That was so nice! Loved every moment of it. Got back from that and a week later was back in Florida for christmas vacation, then we drove back to Georgia and rang in the New Year with the kids. Then Scarlett and the kids left and three days later I was back on a plane to spend 12 days in Buffalo. Craziness. I’m just exhausted. So ready to return to normalcy for a bit. I’m not flying again until sometime in Feb

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