I attended my very first Comic Con this past weekend! My favorite part by far was meeting a few celebrities. Nolan North was by far my favorite! He voiced Nathan Drake for one of my favorite video game series: Uncharted. He was sweet and chatted with us for several minutes and told us about how he now lives in Atlanta. He also took fabulous selfies!

I also got to meet Kristy Swanson who I absolutely loved in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie, not the TV show). She was also a super sweetheart.

And finally, I got a picture with Carlos Esposito who I absolutely loved in the video game Far Cry 6 (he’s also in Breaking Bad). He wasn’t as personable: it was a quick picture and then on to the next person. It was still neat to meet him though

I haven’t been posting as much about my camino walks lately since I’ve been different kinds but I’m still working hard and preparing for my big adventure!

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